AMCA-GEOF - Hrvatska udruga bivših studenata i prijatelja Geodetskog fakulteta Sveučilišta u Zagrebu


There are AMAC/AMCA associations organised at the faculties and academies of the University of Zagreb involving its former students. On the other hand, former members of our University living and working abroad have organised their association all around the world. Each of these associations has its own organisation and activities, but they all have one goal in common – to gather the alumni and promote the ideas of alumni among present and future members. AMAC/AMCA associations in the country are united unofficially under the name AMAC Domus, and the associations organised abroad under the name AMAC Mundus.

The Faculty of Geodesy has its own alumni association. It is organised by the former students independently. The Faculty have worked on the initiative for the organisation of association. All interested parties are invited to log in on this Intranet.

In other to log in, you should create your own user account and log in on Alumni Intranet. Enter all the data into the profile field, and your ideas and suggestions in adequate forum. If there should be enough interested parties, the Faculty will support the foundation of the association.

This Intranet can also be used for creating better collaboration of the Faculty with former students. You can use forums to ask question addressed to our dean.