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Open Source Geospatial laboratorij na Geodetskom fakultetu Sveučilišta u Zagrebu

Edukacija i usavršavanje

Courses offered through our study program which includes education and work in open-source softwares and data

Engineering Graphics in Geodesy and Geoinformation (in Croatian, can be teached in English), bachelor study, 1st semester

Quantum GIS is introduced to 1st semester students of bachelor study of Geodesy and Geoinformatics, along with other open/free source software (Gimp, Inkscape, Blender etc.). In Quantum GIS students solve the task of setting projection coordinate system, georeferencing of scanned cadastre plan, heads-up vectorization, attaching attributes, creating topology and creating thematic maps by performing queries. 

Basics of Geoinformatics (in Croatian), bachelor study, 1st semester

Interactive web-map created in UMN Mapserver is used as platform for entering, updating and querying geometrical and attribute data of students' geoinformation model of selected objects near the Faculty.

Map Projections (in Croatian, can be teached in English), bachelor study, 6th semester

As part of exercises students are introduced to PROJ.4 and its capabilites using command prompt user interface.

Digital Cartography (in Croatian, can be teached in English), master study - orientation Geoinformatics, 1st semester

Creation of map of selected country in small scale from scratch is project assignment. Map is created using free and open source data and software. GRASS GIS is used for number of steps in transformation, conversion and creation of map layers. Map is finished in Inkscape. Visit the gallery of student maps in academic year 2012/13.

Master's Thesis (in Croatian, can be teached in English), master study - orientation Geodesy and Geoinformatics, 4th semester

A number of Master's Thesis involve application of open source geospatial software for solving tasks or for research of such software technologies. See the Publications, Master's Thesis section.


OpenStreetMap, workshop for high school students, Science Festival 2012, Technical Museum, Zagreb, 2012.


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