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Student Guide at the Faculty of Geodesy

Vodič za studente Geodetskog fakulteta This small guide for students (download PDF) has been prepared to help you in orientation and with your tasks. We shall therefore try to provide basic information about the building itself, organisation and activity of the Faculty. Our intention is to offer advice how to master the tasks and how to pass the examinations successfully. However, it mostly depends on you, whether your studies will be successful.

The training of geodesists in Croatia started many years ago. The textbook by Martin Sabolović: Exercitationes Gaeodeticae, published in Latin in Varaždin back in the early 1775, tells about the long history of geodetic training in Croatia. You are the one, who has got the opportunity to enter the world of modern geodesy and geoinformatics being successful in your education.


The information given in this guide can be changed depending on the Faculty needs, and the students will be informed on time about such changes.

This guide was prepared by: associate professor Dražen Tutić, PhD, Prof. Miljenko Lapaine, Phd, Denis Hanić, student, and Prof. Mirjana Nazor, Phd who wrote the chapter "How to become and remain a successful student?".

All your ideas and suggestions will be a precious contribution to the improvement of here presented information.

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