Preddiplomski studij - Bachelor Study

Bachelor study programme of Geodesy and Geoinforamtics

Enrolment to courses in higher semester/year

The enrolment to courses is done automatically. A student registers for a course online via Studomat application at the time planned in the academic calendar, that is published on time also in Notice Board. Subsequent enrolment of the course beyond the scheduled data is charged extra.

If a student does not pass certain examination in one academic year, he/she must take the course again in the next academic year and complete all obligations related to the course. If students do not pass the examination after the second enrolment of the course, they are no longer entitled to continue studies (see Regulations on Studying, Art. 39., 45. and 14. ).

Full-time students who plan to study at some foreign university within the frame of international exchange system, can take additional course in a semester (more than 30 ECTS points) from higher year, which should be arranged with ECTS-coordinator and vice dean for academic and student affairs.

Optional subjects

After the first step in which students have applied for taking certain optional subjects, a teacher may refuse to teach the subjects that have been selected by less than 10 students. In this case, students enter via Studomat application those optional courses that shall be held by teachers.

During the first two weeks, students are allowed, but only for legitimate reasons, to withdraw from or change optional subjects (if any scheduling clashes occur) (see Regulations on Studying, Art. 38 )

Enrolling in optional subjects at some other component part of the University in Zagreb

Students can enrol in optional subjects at some other component parts of the University in Zagreb. First, they need to fill in and verify item 1. of the enrolment form for optional subjects at some other institution of the University in Zagreb. At the institution, where students want to enrol optional subjects, they fill in and verify the data under item 2. Before the subjects are listed, ECTS coordinator verifies the enrolment and delivers the data to the Academic Records Office. After passing the examination (item 4.), students submit the form to ECTS coordinator who makes the final decision related to acknowledgement and grade, and then delivers the form to the Academic Records Office.

The procedure of enrolling in optional subjects at another institution should be completed before the expiration of the first two weeks of the semester at the latest.

The students of Bachelor study programme can enrol in the optional subjects at other component parts of the University in Zagreb with the number of ECTS points planned in the study programme, i.e. 2 ECTS points in the I. semester, 3 ECTS points in the II. semester, 5 ECTS points in the III. and IV. semester, 7 ECTS points in the V. semester and 8 ECTS points in the VI.semester.

If a student enrols in more optional subjects than foreseen by the study programme, some subjects may be registered as the subjects that are not used toward the completion of degree requirements.


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