Diplomski studij - Master Study

Master study programme of Geodesy and Geoinformatics

Master’s degree admission in the academic year 2019/20

Odluka o usvajanju upisnih kvota i kriterija za upis u I. godinu Diplomskog sveučilišnog studija geodezije i geoinformatike u ak. god. 2018./2019.

Admission applications are submitted to the Academic Records Office of the Faculty of Geodesy from
2-13 September 2019 

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The admission quota for the Master study programme of Geodesy and Geoinformatics in the academic year 2019/2020 is:

  • Major - Geodesy: 45 students ( 43 Croatian citizens or EU citizens, 2 foreign students)
  • Major – Geoinformatics: 45 students ( 43 Croatian citizens or EU citizens, 2 foreign students)

Should the quota not be reached with the sufficient number of foreign students, adequate number of students who are Croatian citizens or EU citizens will be admitted and they will pay maximum amount of tuition fee (8.400,00 HRK).

Usvajaju se Kriteriji za upis na Diplomski sveučilišni studij geodezije i geoinformatike u ak. god. 2018./2019. kako slijedi:

Students who hold adequate university undergraduate degree and have earned at least 180 ECTS points may be recommended for admission to Master study programme. The following university undergraduate degrees are regarded as adequate:

A) GGeodezija i geoinformatika na Geodetskom fakultetu Sveučilišta u Zagrebu; Geodezija i geoinformatika na Fakultetu građevinarstva, arhitekture i geodezije Sveučilišta u Splitu.

B) Akreditirani studij geodezije i geoinformatike na drugom Sveučilištu.

C) Sveučilišni preddiplomski studijski programi iz znanstvenih polja: građevinarstvo, arhitektura i urbanizam, računarstvo, geofizika, geografija, geologija, matematika, rudarstvo, nafta i geološko inženjerstvo, strojarstvo, inženjerstvo okoliša, interdisciplinarne tehničke znanosti, interdisciplinarne prirodne znanosti, informacijske i komunikacijske znanosti, šumarstvo, tehnologija prometa i transport, temeljne tehničke znanosti.

The students who hold degrees in disciplines listed under C) are obliged to apply for taking supplemental exams from the undergraduate study programme of Geodesy and Geoinformatics according to the following table:

I. semester – Geodetic Instruments – 5 ECTS points (I.sem. of undergraduate study programme)

II. semester – Land Surveying – 5 ECTS points (II.sem of undergraduate study programme)

III. semester – Satellite Positioning – 5 ECTS points (V.sem. of undergraduate study programme)

IV. semester - State Survey - 5 ECTS points (VI.sem. of undergraduate study programme)


In the admission procedure, the applicants are checked related to their ability to attend the studies at the Faculty of Geodesy. The applicants who meet the admission criteria are put on a rank-list made according to the total number of points earned in admission procedure, from the largest number of points down to the smallest. If the number of admission applicants on a rank-list is larger than the number planned, the rank-list of admission applicants is determined on the basis of the points earned in the admission procedure and of the approved admission quota.

1. Admission applications

Admission applications are submitted to the Academic Records Office of the Faculty of Geodesy from 2-13 September 2019.

2. Documents to be attached with application

a) Certificate of citizenship (the Croats who are not citizens of the Republic of Croatia should provide evidence of Croatian nationality). Foreigners attach the certificate of citizenship.

b) Birth certificate

c) Certificate of completed university undergraduate study programme. If the applicant has no certificate, he/she should attach the transcript of records or some other document evidencing that the applicant has graduated from the university undergraduate study programme.

d) The applicants who completed the study outside the Republic of Croatia also need to submit a decision of the University Office for Academic Recognition of Foreign Higher Education Qualifications on the Recognition of Foreign Higher Education Qualifications.

e) Transcript of records and verified curriculum and syllabus. Each course should have equivalent weight expressed in ECTS points (only for those applicants who have completed undergraduate studies at some other faculty.

3. Admission procedure

The points in the admission procedure are obtained as a sum of the points earned on the basis of academic merit and knowledge assessment. The points for academic merit at the undergraduate study programme are calculated by means of the following formula:

"Points for academic merit" = "Earned ECTS points" x "Weighted GPA" x 0.5 x (6/"Number_semesters_studying")

"Weighted GPA" = Sum (course grade x course ECTS points)/"Earned ECTS points"

The students, who have completed the studies under C) that do not last 6 semesters and provide the possibility for students to earn 180 ECTS points but are considered as the study programmes of the same or higher level than the undergraduate study programmes, can transfer 180 ECTS points and 6 semesters of studies.

Example: a student having weighted GPA 4.0 having earned 180 ECTS points during undergraduate studies that last 8 semesters can transfer 185x4x0.5x(6/8)=277.5 points by means of his/her grades.

The maximum number of points to be earned in the process of knowledge assessment is 400 points. If the applicant wants to be on a ranking-list, he/she should obtain at least 80 points in the process of knowledge assessment. This is the minimum admission score required. The applicant, who has not obtained the minimum admission score, cannot be admitted.

The students who have completed the studies listed under A) (6 semesters), receive the maximum possible number of points regardless of GPA.

All other candidates need to take the examinations required to check their knowledge of subjects from the Bachelor study programme of Geodesy and Geoinformatics.

The students honoured with the Rector’s reward obtain additional 60 points, and the students honoured with the Dean’s reward obtain additional 30 points. If the students were honoured for the work that was made by several authors, the additional points are distributed among the authors in equal shares.

The knowledge is assessed by means of a test containing 40 items:

  • Each correctly answered item brings +10 (plus ten) points;
  • Each incorrectly answered item brings -4 (minus four) points;
  • The item not answered brings 0 (zero) points.

The knowledge assessment test lasts 3 hours (180 minutes). A test taker may use the following supplementary tools:

  • Table with formulas from Mathematics and Physics
  • Calculator with basic mathematical operations (trigonometric functions, exponential functions, etc.) and should not have wireless connection to other devices

Other tools are not allowed.

4. Date and place of knowledge assessment

The entrance exam will be held on 18 September 2019. The admission ranking-list will be published on 19 September 2019. Complaints to ranking-list can be filed within 24 hours.

5. Enrolment

Enrolment date for Master study programme:
September 23 - by the number of 1 - 45 of the ranking list
September 24 - by the number of 46 - 90 of the ranking list

Na upis je potrebno donijeti:

  1. Dvije fotografije 4 x 6 cm
  2. Potvrdu o uplati troškova upisa u iznosu od 300,00 kn. Uplata se vrši u korist žiro računa Geodetskog fakulteta IBAN: HR6523400091100010196, za poziv na broj upisati 652641-122, a za svrhu Troškovi upisa i upisnih materijala.
  3. Indeks se kupuje u skriptarnici fakulteta
  4. Kopiju osobne iskaznice.

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