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Master study programme of Geodesy and Geoinformatics

These pages offer you all relevant information related to the Master study programme of Geodesy and Geoinformatics.

Why studying at the Faculty of Geodesy, University in Zagreb?

Do you wish to learn which quantities geodesists measure in order to determine the size and the shape of the Earth and its parts, how to determine distances and heights, how to create maps, how to locate traffic routes, tunnels, bridges and other objects in space precisely, how GPS (Global Positioning System) operates and what it is used for, and how cadastre and land registry are established?

Bachelor study programme lasts three years, Master study programme lasts two years , postgraduate doctoral study programme lasts three years, and specialist postgraduate programme lasts one year.

The Faculty of Geodesy is a high education institution dealing with the research area of technical sciences , the discipline of geodesy . There are Bachelor, Master , doctoral and specialist postgraduate study programmes of geodesy and geoinformatics organised at the Faculty of Geodesy.

After completing the Master study programme, students earn 120 ECTS points and acquire the vocational degree of Master of Engineering in Geodesy and Geoinformatics ( mag. ing. geod. et geoinf. ).

The programme aims to educate the candidates in order to be able to participate in the procedures of registering land and interests on it, to produce and maintain topographic, cartographic and land geoinformation systems, to measure the quantities necessary in defining the size, position, features, outlines and changes of any part of the Earth and land, and to solve practical tasks in geodetic surveying. Read more about study programme and competencies acquired after completing the studies.

The study programme of geodesy and geoinformatics belongs to technical studies and as such requires preferences and good knowledge of mathematics, physics and information science. There is a great demand for qualified engineers of technical professions both in Croatia and abroad, and it applies especially to geodesists and geoinformation scientists. Faculty of Geodesy offers high-quality and well organised studies to its students. Field work is an integral part of geodetic jobs, hence, this study programme is an excellent choice for all those who wish to perform their job also outside of their offices, in fresh air, always on the go, but with great responsibility. Everything located in space has been placed there or its position determined by surveyors. Geodesy, and especially Geoinformatics are interdisciplinary professions, therefore, the possibilities to collaborate with other professions are very large.

What after graduating from the Master study programme?

After graduating from the Master study programme, one can become a licensed engineer of geodesy, and most Master graduates find a job relatively easily, mostly already during their studies. The State Geodetic Administration with its regional cadastral offices, the offices of licensed engineers of geodesy and private companies dealing with all kinds of geodetic and geoinformation activities (from state surveys, construction and ownership) employ the largest number of Master graduates of Geodesy and Geoinformatics. Some of them are employed in regional self-government offices and state administration, or in the departments of larger companies and institutions working on land information and spatial data management. Some Bachelors and Masters of Geodesy and Geoinformatics decide to find jobs abroad and have no problems. According to so far collected experience, their qualification and competences are very well accepted at foreign labour market.

Masters of Engineering in Geodesy and Geoinformatics can continue their education at the postgraduate study programmes, first of all specialist and doctoral study programme of geodesy and geoinforamtics.

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