Diplomski studij - Master Study

Master study programme of Geodesy and Geoinformatics

Overview of diploma theses defended at the Faculty of Geodesy and entered into the Croatian Scientific Bibliography.

Diploma thesis and final exam

Students enrol into a course titled Diploma thesis in the 4. semester after having earned 90 ECTS points. The topics of diploma theses are chosen by means of Studomat application during the last two weeks in January of the current year. Students may suggest up to five topics on the priority list. After that, the tutors confirm the students’ selection, i.e. only the topic that is the highest on the priority list of a student at particular moment.

The course Diploma thesis is performed in the period of 15 weeks in summer semester.

The students work on the research and write their diploma theses independently and guided by their tutors within the frame of selected/given topic. The work is to be completed within three months. Diploma thesis needs to have up to maximally 100 pages.

Implementation and assessment:

Course holders : heads of institutes
Lecturers: tutors
Performers of exercises: tutors and leaders

The students are obliged to attend the courses (70%). The tutor is responsible for monitoring the student’s engagement during a semester. The courses are attended according to time table, in the field, in practical work, and in some other forms of work, as well as in independent work.

Students defend their theses in the 4. week of courses. They present the theses publicly in 5-10 minutes. Tutors, leaders and course holders, as well as other participants can ask questions. The thesis defence should not last longer than 15 minutes.

The students present the results of the research in the 14. week of courses. Tutors, leaders and course holders , as well as other participants can then ask questions. The presentation should not last more than 20 minutes.

Graduate candidates are obliged to defend/present their theses at specific times defined for that purpose in individual Institutes that their tutor belongs to.

Students are obliged to submit a draft text of diploma theses until the end of a semester. The submission of draft text is a prerequisite for obtaining a signature and grade for the course Diploma thesis. Tutors evaluate students’ work within one week and record the grade in ISVU (Higher Education Institutions Information System).

Learning outcomes: 

Knowledge in the field of geodesy:

  • to use the knowledge acquired during the studies systematically
  • to show competence in professional area and wider
  • to be able to analyse and synthesize the contents of relevant literature related to the topic of thesis

Personal and professional skills:

  • to plan, prepare and document a project/task within the frame of assigned thesis
  • to define a problem, plan and implement the tasks within the given timeline
  • to find and evaluate adequate literature
  • to take the initiative in planning and preparing the thesis

Team work and communication:

  • capability of presenting and argumentative reasoning in written form of thesis and orally in presenting the research results
  • critical examination and analysis of other students’ works
  • asking for support and advise of tutors and/or leaders when necessary

More information about thesis registration and defence can be found in the Regulations on Final Exam.


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