Library of the Faculty of Geodesy

The library was founded in 1919 as a central lending library of the Technical College in Zagreb. Following the development of the University Library, it has been changed in various ways, as well as its names. Today, it is a central lending library of the Faculties of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy University in Zagreb.

The number of borrowed books and journals is larger than 20 000 annually. Library editions include about 45 000 volumes of book, mostly related to the fields of civil engineering, geodesy, architecture and urbanism. There are about 300 titles of journals in the library, and there are about 36 titles purchased per year at the moment. The reference collection in the library contains a large selection of encyclopaedias, lexicons, dictionaries and other manuals, and there are also all master theses and doctoral dissertations defended at all above mentioned faculties stored in the library. The library has author alphabetical, professional, identification and inventory catalogue.

The library is managed by the Faculty of Civil Engineering, and it is located on the ground floor of the main Faculty building in Kačićeva Street 26.

All full-time students can join the library upon presenting their student’s transcript. One can borrow two books at once for the period of 30 days. All borrowed books must be returned to the library before enrolling in the next academic year.

Library editions are placed on the shelves and are easily approached by users. The whole area is under video surveillance, and the books are additionally protected by the sound protection system.

Computer library catalogue is available here (in Croatian).

Working hours: Monday – Thursday 08,00 – 18,00; Friday 08,00 – 15,00 h
Telephone: +385 1 46 39 407; 46 39 116; 46 39 156

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