Activity of the Faculty of Geodesy


Highly educated experts in the field of geodesy and geoinformatics who will significantly improve the production of geoinformation and their application in the society.


To offer excellent knowledge based on ethically accepted scientific notions and practical skills on national and international level to all users as one of the leading constituents of recognizable and highly valued University, applying sustainable adequate activities based on regulations and good experiences and improving continuously the quality in collaboration with all interested parties.

The Faculty is a public institution of higher education organising and carrying out university studies, scientific and highly professional work in the scientific field of geodesy.


The residence of the Faculty is in Zagreb, Kaciceva 26.

The Faculty organises and develops teaching and scientific work as an integral part of its activity.

Apart from holding university studies, and carrying out scientific and highly professional work, the Faculty encompasses the following activities as well:

  • collaborates with firms and institutions dealing with geodetic profession for the purpose of solving problems, working on scientific research and on processing and solving of professional tasks by means of practical application of scientific achievements and modern technology,
  • performs geodetic works and supervision in accordance with the current regulations,
  • collaborates with other firms and institutions for the purpose of processing and executing scientific and professional works, and provides expertise and opinion in all areas within the frame of scientific and professional activity of the Faculty,
  • makes investment and technical documentation for larger, more complex and more specific projects applying scientific methods,
  • deals with publication activity, i.e. publishes books and other publications from its activity fields.

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