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University of Zagreb, Faculty of Geodesy, in accordance with the Law on the Right to Access Information (OG 25/13, 85/15), ensures natural and legal persons the exercise of the right to access information, as well as the re-use of information guaranteed by the Constitution, through openness and publicity actions.

Publicly available information and documents in electronic form can be accessed directly via the Faculty’s website ( without making a special request, and for all other information and documents, the user exercises the right to access information. that right by submitting an oral or written request.

Requests that can be submitted are:

  • Request for access to information
  • Request for supplementation or correction of information
  • Request to reuse information


Note: Pursuant to Article 18, paragraph 5 of the Right to Access Information Act, it is not considered a requirement to request insight into the entire case file, explanations or instructions related to the exercise of a right or obligation, analysis or interpretation of a regulation, nor creating new information.

Every user has the right to reuse information, for commercial or non-commercial purposes other than the original purpose for which the information was created, and which, according to Article 27 of the Law on the Right to Access Information, is exercised within the scope of law or regulation. which is commonly considered a public affair.

The Faculty is entitled to reimbursement of actual material costs from the applicant, in accordance with Article 19, paragraph 2 of the Right to Access Information Act, based on the criteria for determining the amount of reimbursement of actual material costs and information delivery costs (OG 12/14, 15/14).

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