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The Students Council

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The Students Council of the Faculty of Geodesy was founded in 1996 and operates as a subsidiary of the Students Council of the University of Zagreb. It officially consists of 12 members (ten members of undergraduate (bachelor) and graduate (master) studies and two postgraduate (doctoral) studies). They are elected by the students in elections that are held every 2 years.

The Students Council is here to represent the rights and interests of all students of the Faculty of Geodesy, to establish a better relationship between teachers and students and to raise activity through the organization of numerous events and workshops. The members of the Council participate in the Faculty Council, the Teaching Committee, and in other Committees that are established in connection with activities at the faculty. The Students Council of the Faculty of Geodesy also has a representative in the Students Council of the University of Zagreb.


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Assembly of the Students Council for academic years 2019/2020 and 2020/2021 (from the elections which were held in March 2019) :

  • Dorotea Biček, 3rd year of undergraduate (bachelor) study
  • Anđela Brkljača, 3rd year of undergraduate (bachelor) study
  • Ivana Ćosić, 3rd year of undergraduate (bachelor) study
  • Luka Knez, 3rd year of undergraduate (bachelor) study
  • Luka Kokić, 3rd year of undergraduate (bachelor) study
  • Marijana Križić, 1st year of graduate (master) study
  • Franc Matijević, 3rd year of undergraduate (bachelor) study
  • Dominik Miletić, 3rd year of undergraduate (bachelor) study
  • Ana Puljić, 2nd year of undergraduate (bachelor) study
  • Marino Ukalović, 1st year of graduate (master) study
  • Marina Gudelj, 2nd year of postgraduate (doctoral) study
  • Luka Rumora, 3rd year of postgraduate (doctoral) study

In the internal elections held in October, Marijana Križić was elected as a president of the Students Council.

The Students Council (SC) decided to introduce certain committees within the membership in order to facilitate the organization and tracking of student activities. So now the SC is divided into:

  • Sports Committee – monitors the work of sports sections and informs SC and other students about it through social networks (Dorotea Biček and Franc Matijević)
  • Committee for Student Events – organizes student trips, freshmen, and various other events (Luka Knez and Marino Ukalović)
  • Committee for Public Relations – deals with the promotion of Faculty and SC through posts on social networks (Anđela Brkljača and Ivana Ćosić)
  • Workshop Committee – organizes and conducts workshops for students (Dominik Miletić and Ana Puljić)

Students Marijana Križić and Luka Kokić perform the executive function as the president and vice president of the SC, whereas postgraduate students Marina Gudelj and Luka Rumora deal with issues related to their study.

Numerous Sections also operate within the Students Council:

  1. Football section (M) – head: Mate Botica
  2. Basketball section (M) – head: Marko Buterin
  3. Volleyball section (F) – head: Dorotea Biček
  4. IT section – head: Luka Kokić
  5. Journal Ekscentar – head: Katarina Franulović

In addition to the sections, a Student Ombudsman is also elected through the Students Council. This year, the position of a Student Ombudswoman is held by student Ana Puljić.

In addition to the orientation lectures for freshmen, workshops and projects, faculty and professional promotions, the new assembly is trying to make student life easier for all its students, and we are proud to have returned one of our favorite projects – GEOF T-shirts and sweatshirts.

Through the form “SZ GEOF BOUTIK” on certain promotional clothes can be ordered at affordable prices. We hope to be able to bring back student travel and come up with a couple of new projects.


01/4639 308, 5th floor room 511


Instagram: @sz_geof

The web pages of the Students Council of the Faculty of Geodesy are currently under construction.

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