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General information

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Faculty activity


Top educated experts in the field of geodesy and geoinformatics who will significantly improve the production of geoinformation and their use in society.


Provide cutting-edge knowledge based on ethically recognized scientific cognition and practical skills at national and international level to all users as one of the leading components of a distinguishable and recognized University as well as provide sustainable systematic steady activities based on regulations and good experiences with continuous quality improvement in cooperation with all stakeholders.

The Faculty is a public higher education institution within the University, which organizes and conducts university studies, scientific and highly professional work in the scientific field of geodesy.


The headquarters of the Faculty is in Zagreb, Kačićeva 26.

The Faculty organizes and develops teaching and scientific work as an integral part of its activities.

In addition to conducting university studies, scientific and highly professional work, the Faculty also performs the following:

  • cooperates with companies and institutions in the geodetic profession in problem solving, scientific research as well as elaboration and solution of professional tasks through the practical application of scientific achievements and modern technology,
  • performs geodetic works and supervision in accordance with applicable regulations,
  • cooperates with other companies and institutions in the development and execution of scientific and professional work as well as provides expertise and opinions in all areas within the scientific and professional activities of the Faculty,
  • prepares investment and technical documentation for large, more complex and specific projects using scientific methods,
  • performs publishing activity, i.e. publishes books and other publications in the field of Faculty activity.

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