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Ekcentar is a journal held by the students of the Faculty of Geodesy, which has scientific, popular-scientific, and educational character. Manuscripts are published in the field of geodesy and geoinformatics and related scientific disciplines (astronomy, aeronautics, geophysics, construction, architecture, etc.). Ekcentar has been published regularly since 1997 and, in addition to students, it is also read by subscribers of Geodetski list. The journal is published once a year.

It is published by the Students Council of the Faculty of Geodesy, based on the student volunteer work and is completely free to all readers. The authors of the articles are students, professors, and assistants of the Faculty of Geodesy, as well as domestic and foreign experts in the field of Geodesy and Geoinformatics. Ekcentar is a member of The Bibliographia Cartographica Berlin, Directory of open access journals.

The papers published in the journal are:

  • Original scientific papers
  • Reviews
  • Professional papers
  • Papers from scientific and vocational conferences
  • Other – includes thematically differentiated articles (news, student and sports articles and reviews, internship reports, travel, etc.)

So far, 20 issues have come out! It should also be emphasized that 3 issues received the Rector’s Award – 11th, 19th and last 20th issue.

Ekscentar can be found in digital form on the Hrčak web-page ( and on ISSUU web-page (

EDITORIAL 2019/2020:

Editor-in-Chief: Katarina Franulović

Other members: Luka Crnčec, Josipa Humski,Marijana Križić, Hrvoje Maslać, Dominik Miletić

CONTACT: Faculty of Geodesy of University of Zagreb, Kačićeva 26 / 5th floor

10000 Zagreb, e-mail:

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