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Postgraduate Specialist Studies

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The structure and implementation of postgraduate university specialist studies at the Faculty of Geodesy, University of Zagreb, and the procedure for obtaining the academic title of specialist in the scientific area of technical sciences, scientific field of geodesy is determined by the Ordinance on Postgraduate Specialist Studies at the Faculty of Geodesy, University of Zagreb.

The postgraduate specialist study is held through practical work and teaching. It ends with the production and public defence of the specialist final thesis. The study lasts one academic year (two semesters), and the student must acquire a total of 60 ECTS credits.

Upon completion of the studies, the academic title of university specialist in geodesy and geoinformatics is acquired.

The Faculty of Geodesy is preparing new programs of the university postgraduate specialist study of geodesy and geoinformatics, which will be based on the practical application of modern geospatial technologies to solve current problems of the economy and society.

For all other information, contact prof. Damir Medak, PhD.

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