Here, you can find the Intranet of all organisational units.

The Faculty performs its activities within the frame of organisational units:

  • Institute of Geomatics
  • Institute of Cartography and Photogrammetry
  • Institute of Applied Geodesy
  • Observatory Hvar
  • Administration

The Institutes organise and perform scientific, research and highly professional work in the field of technical sciences, the research areas related to geodesy.


- coordinates teaching, research and highly professional activity performed by individual chairs,
- makes a budget draft within the frame of the Faculty budget,
- makes a draft of investment plan within the frame of the Faculty investment plan,
- provides further education of its employees,
- gives opinions and suggestions related to the issued addressed to it by the Faculty bodies,
- performs also other activities as specified by the Statute provisions.

The Observatory Hvar is an organisational unit of the Faculty with a special system of financing based on the support provided by the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports. The task of the Observatory Hvar is to develop scientific, research and teaching activities in the research areas of astrophysics and geodesy that include the collection of observation material needed in research work and practical work of students, as well as in the work on diploma, Master and doctoral theses.