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Implementation of cartographic line generalization as Web Processing Service (WPS) using PyWPS and GRASS.

The aim of this research is to investigate advantages and disadvantages of cartographic line generalisation implemented as WPS and to test the application of open source software for such service. Our own area preserving algorithm for cartographic line generalization is implemented as new GRASS GIS module (v.cartographic.line.generalization), and WPS functionality is achived using PyWPS. Example of its usage can bee seen on generalisation of Global Self-consistent, Hierarchical, High-resolution Shoreline data (GSHHS). Service is available on and as client we recommend Quantum GIS with WPS Client plug-in.

Instructions how to use WPS service for cartographic line generalisation with
area preservation property with QuantumGIS and its WPS plugin.


For more information contact Dražen Tutić.

Extending PROJ.4 with additional map projections

PROJ.4 is a cartographic projections library. PROJ.4 is in active use by GRASS GIS, MapServerPostGISThubanOGDIMapnikTopoCad, and OGRCoordinateTransformation as well as various other projects.

The aim of this research is to add more functionality to PROJ.4 with our priority for inverse Winkel Tripel projection (enabling reprojection of raster maps into this projection most suitable for world maps), but we would like to add even more map projections. Preparing GRID datum transformation for use with PROJ.4 for old Croatian geodetic datum is our near future goal.

For more information contact Dražen Tutić.


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